Our environment

We are absolutely committed to sustainable development. Safety, health and environmental protection must always be ensured at all times.

Our production site is located in the industrial park North in Radolfzell, near the Western lakeshore of the clear water reservoir Lake Constance, biggest lake in Germany.

“We are privileged, to work and to live at this gorgeous lake, wherefrom more than five million people get their clear water every day. Therefore, our products have to be extremely environmentally safe”, founder and managing director Werner Sambol is manifesting the corporate philosophy. The composition of dispensing, the health of employees and our customers have highest priority.

Examples of environment protection at Sambol production site:

Receiver tanks for salvage and residual liquids, solar collectors on the roof of the production site, officially controlled ventilation system and filtration plant above the explosion-proof filling plant and dispatch of the products in recyclable cardboard packaging with certified forwarders and parcel services.

Sambol IBS GmbH has bound herself, to improve continuously all efforts concerning safety and health of staff and customers as well as environmental protection during production. Basic chemicals and specialties, suited to Sambol products, are produced eco-friendly and are recycled.